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Book Civil War Quilts

Book Civil War Quilts

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A must-read for Civil War enthusiasts and quilters seeking accurate information on reproducing Civil War quilts. The stories of fourteen extraordinary Civil War quilts and the women who made them bring you face to face with the drama of war and its effect on thousands of lives.

Some of these quilts tell love stories, others relate the determination of women seeking an active role in the war effort, but all represent efforts to support the fighting men.

The book contains patterns and information for making "block by block" or "potholder" quilts, with 40 traceable quilt block patterns with templates for hand piecing or rotary cutting for machine piecing. This second edition also features a lively discussion of the Jane Stickle quilt, one of the most famous quilts made during the Civil War.

  • Pages: 192
  • Author: Don Beld and Pam Weeks
  • Publish Date: 02/28/2020
  • Dimensions: 11in x 0.82in x 8.5in
  • Hardcover

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