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Book Lili's Colors

Book Lili's Colors

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Discover the imaginative world of the On the Fingertips series with Lili Mouse and her friend Henri. Notes of humor and poetry echo in their dialogue as these two lovable mice playfully use descriptive words to bring each color to life. From red and blue to gray and pink, learn about colors, shapes, and spatial relationships and how they make up our surroundings.

At the end of the book, the primary and secondary colors are presented with illustrator tips on how to make everything from flowers and fish to Lili herself in the eight bonus workshop pages. Get ready to learn, imagine, and create when you dip your fingers in the paint!

Colors include Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Orange, Green, Purple, Brown, Gray, and Pink Workshop includes: Lesson on color mixing and how to make a frog, a flower, a violet, a chick, fish, a jellyfish, seaweed, balloons, lollipops, candy, Lili, and even the reader's self-portrait.

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