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Book The Zenki Way

Book The Zenki Way

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Softies—simple cloth characters to sew with basic tools—are popular worldwide for good reason: easy, fun designs give the successful results that inspire a new generation of kids to sew. This guide to the zenki way, from the founder of Sew a Softie, helps parents, teachers, community organizations, and kids make a good thing even better! Using the zenki method, everyone can create huggable softies—and more importantly, design their own. The zenki secret? Two squares of felt, only four straight lines to sew, and a key design feature: wide seam allowances, allowing arms, legs, wings, hair, and more to be cut from the border (no inserting or pinning). Try it with these 14 different zenki characters to make, brimming with quirky personality and ready for your own touch. Each project builds designing know-how and has clear photo-by-photo instructions. Learn the zenki way to become an unstoppable softie designer, and a lifelong sewing lover. 120 pp | 160 color images

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