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We Learn Together

Posted by Jennifer Davis on

Your support for The Little Shop Family is nothing short of incredible!

I have received so many positive notes, messages, and comments from Quilty Friends all across the country!  Thank you so much!!  It is helping me keep my spirits up!

I have had some great questions about this new affiliate adventure, and I thought I'd take a moment to answer what I can.

The items I am sharing with you are products that The Little Shop does not normally carry.  Hopefully, this offers you - the quilter - a wider range of options, while supporting The Little Shop Family at the same time.

I am taking special requests for featured items, but I am also scanning ALL of my resources.  So, if there is a better way to help you get your requested item, that's what I'll do.

The Little Shop still has lots and lots of quilty stuff!  The website and the app are packed full of fabric, precuts, patterns, books, thread, and more!  Now that we have a plan, the month of July appears to be normal in regards to live sales and shipping.

And you know me well, my Quilty Friends.  I am VERY picky and choosy with items I bring into Little Shop Central.  And I will also be VERY picky and choosy with the items I recommend with affiliate links.

There will surely be hurdles to jump and roadblocks to navigate.  But we will learn together.

At some point, in the months ahead, taking care of my family will take priority over live sales and order fulfillment.

My plan is to build this affiliate platform to help The Little Shop Family through the upcoming months, which many of you know, will be a difficult time.  I am building a bridge.

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me build it.

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